25.10.23, kl. 19:30

The Listening Biennial Reader, vol. 1 — Launch and talk by Brandon LaBelle

Join us for the launch of The Listening Biennial Reader, vol. 1, with a talk by Brandon LaBelle followed by a discussion between Johnny Herbert and LaBelle.

Within today’s intensely polarized environment, in which social and political debate often tends toward conflict or impasse, might listening enact an intervention? While focus is mostly placed on making statements, capturing history, and the importance of speaking out, listening is radically key to facilitating dialogue, understanding, and social transformation. To listen is to extend the boundaries of the familiar, the recognized, and the known. In addition, listening affords more egalitarian and ecologically-attuned relations, staggering exclusionary systems and human exceptionalism by way of empathic, attentional, and more-than-human orientations: to hear beyond the often fixed schema of self and other, us and them. Listening is an embodied power, it may open and hold, it may support and heal, and it may afford escape as well as compassionate action.

The Listening Biennial Reader draws attention to listening as a relational capacity, a philosophical and ecological proposition, a creative practice, and research method. This includes contributions by curators and artists from the first edition of The Listening Biennial, presented in 2021, along with a number of key scholars who offer critical reflections on cultures of listening. Listening emerges as a creative and critical force, or wave of attention, that contributes to maintaining the diversity of our social, creaturely adventure.

Including contributions from Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Lucia Farinati, Brandon LaBelle, Kate Lacey, Israel Martínez, Sara Mikolai, Alecia Neo and Jill T. Tan, Daniela Medina Poch, Luísa Santos, and Yang Yeung.

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Alecia Neo, video still from Between Earth and Sky (2018), performance by Frank M.

Performance by Lévai Viola, as part of The Listening Biennial (2021), Budapest. Photo: Bence Kollányi

The event takes place Wednesday 25th of October, from 19:30, in Atelier Kunstnerforbundet in the loft in Atelier Kunstnerforbundet, on the 4th floor with no elevator. If you have questions about accessibility, event, or about Atelier Kunstnerforbundet, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The event is part of the dissemination and mediation program at Atelier Kunstnerforbundet (AKF) - an artist collective and development program, supported by Sparebankstiftelsen, Talent Norge og Fritt Ord.

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