Joar Nango

(f. 1979, Alta)

2002-08 MA Architecture, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
2007 Bergen School of Architecture, (BAS), Bergen, Norway
2005-06 Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin, Germany (Sculpture/Fine Arts)
1999-01 Asker School of Art, Oslo, Norway (Sculpture/ Visual Arts)
1998-99 Nansenskolen, Lillehammer, Norway (Visual Arts)

2022 (Upcoming) KinoKino kunstsal, Sandnes, Norway
2021 (Upcoming) La Loge, Brussels, Belgium
2021 Girjegumpi, Samisk arkitekturbibliotek, Nasjonalmuseet - Arkitektur, Oslo
2020 Festspillutstillingen 2020, Bergen Kunsthall
2018 Festspillene i Nord-Norge Festival-profile 2018, Harstad, Norway (w. The project Girjegumpi)
2016 Folding Forced Utopias for you, Gallery44, Toronto, Canada
2014 The Same Condition Repeated at Every Moment of The Walk, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada
2014 Searching for Smooth Space, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sverige (m. FFB)
2013 A temporary substitute for something else, Gallery SAW, Ottawa, Canada
2012 The universal capacity of northern pragmatism, Knipsu, Bergen, Norway
2012 One Night Only (w. Tanya Busse), UKS, Oslo
2011 Meahccetrossa / Matatu, The Sámi centre for contemporary Art (Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš), Karasjok, Norway
2010 CAMP, Raum der Junge Kunste, Berlin, Germany
2007 Freedom Fighter Disguised as a Piece of Paper, Gallery 161, Halifax, Canada
2007 Four Funnels (w. Martijn in´t Veld & Tanya Busse), Gallery Deluxe Gallery, Halifax, Canada

Group exhibtions
2021 (Upcoming) Vi kaller det kunst The opening exhibition of National museum of Norway, Oslo
2020 (Upcoming) Bakom hörnet, Vindens joik Sven-Harrys kunsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, (Curated by: Carla Grahn & Maria Ragnerstam)
2020 Earth, Wind, Fire, Water (w.FFB), Galleri F15, Moss
2020 Kiruna Forever, ARKDES, Stockholm / Konstmuseet i Norr, Kiruna
2019 Ábadakone, The national gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
2019 Chicago Architecture Biennale, Chicago, US (Curated by: Y. Umolu, S. Angiama & P. Tavares)
2019 (Art Encounters biennale, Timisoara (curated by Maria Lind & Anca Rujoiu)
2019 Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, US (Curated by Andrea Hanley)
2019 Stages, Plug-in, Winnipeg, Canada (curator: Jennifer Papararo)
2019 Haunt, IMA, Brisbane, Australia (Curated by: Johan Lund & Aileen Burns)
2019 Histories, 3 generations of sámi artists, Queen Sonja Art Stable, Oslo Norway
2018 Let the River Flow, w. Tanya Busse, OCA, Oslo, Norway, Tensta Konsthall, Sweden (curator: Katya Garcia-Anton)
2018 Among all these Tundras, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal, Canada (curated by: Heather Igloliorte, Amy Prouty, Charissa von Harringa)
2018 We built a house out of the things we had gathered, Or Gallery, Vancouver, Canada (curator: Laurie White)
2018 Shout Fire! Røda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden (curator: Mariangela Mendez)
2018 Soon Enough, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden, Norway (curator: Maria Lind)
2017 There is No, North-Norwegian art Museum, Tromsø, Norway
2017 Vegskille, (w. FFB) Kvam, Norway (curator: Eivind Slettemeås)
2017 LAND, Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Documenta 14, Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany (curator: Adam Szymczyk & Candice Hopkins)
2016 Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs stipendutstilling, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo, Norway
2016 Inuit Blanche, New-Foundland, Canada (Curator: Heather Igloliorte)
2016 Ii art biennale, Ii, Finland (Curator: Marja Helander and Maria Stephanson)
2016 Potential Architecture, Tromsø Contemporary Art Centre, Norway (curator: David Thorpe)
2016 Du som Jag / one as another, Havremagasinet, Boden, Sweden (curator: Mariangela Mendez)
2017 SIART (International Biennial of Art Bolivia, La Paz, Bolivia. (curator: Joachim Borda)
2016 Roaming, Group Exhibition, UKS, Oslo, Norway (Curator: Agatha Wara & Johanne Nordby Wernø)
2016 Identity, National Art Gallery of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
2015 Aleppo Strikes Back , Small Projects, Tromsø, Norway (w: FFB)
2015 Invasive Exotics, RAM gallery, Oslo, Norway
2015 Potential Architecture, Ambika P3, Westminister, London, UK (curator: David Thorpe)
2015 Gleaners, Nainamo Art Gallery, Canada (curator Jesse Birch)
2014 Hacking objects of Desire, Torpedo Art Factory, Washington DC, USA (kurator: Kade Twist)
2014 Beauty and Truth, Tromsø Centre for Contemporary Art, Tromsø, Norway
2014 Top of the World, Sámi Art Centre, Karasjok, Norway
2014 Sami Contemporary, Korundi Museum of Contemporary Art, Rovaniemi, Finland, Nordic embassy, Berlin, Germany
2013 43SNA, Medellin, Colombia (curator: Mariangela Mendez)
2013 Norwegian Sculpturebiennale 2013, Oslo (curator: Helga Marie Nordby)
2013 HFT-2013 - Nasjonal kunstfestival, (w. FFB), (curator: Hanne Hammer Stien) Hammerfest, Norway
2013 Under40, (w. FFB) The National Museum of Art Design and Architecture, Oslo, Norway
2013 Stranger in a norwegian landscape, Abbaeys aux Dames, Caen, France
2013 The international Turku Biennial 2013 (w. Tanya Busse) Turku, Finland (curator: Karolin Tampere)
2012 Archizines, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA (curator: Elias Redstone)
2012 Pryd, Plante, Miljø, Problem, Kurant gallery, Tromsø, Norway
2012 System crisis, TSSK, Trondheim, Norway (curator: Sissel Bergh)
2012 POLART2012, Tromsø Centre for Contemporary Art, Tromsø, Norway
2012 One Night Only - Vestavin (m. Tanya Busse), UKS, Oslo, Norway
2011 Vestlandsutstillingen – Rom for stein og hjort, (w. Tanya Busse) (curator: Karolin Tampere & Johanne Nordby Wernøe)
2010 Collective Matters TSSK, Trondheim, Norway (curator: Hilde Methi)
2009 Being a Part, Samisk Kunstnersenter, Bodø kunstforening, Tromsø kunstforening (curator: Jan Erik Lundstrøm)
2009 Pan Barentz - Barentstriennalen, Oslo, Tromsø, Murmansk (Rus), Moskow (Rus) and Rovaniemi (Fin), (curator:Pikene på Broen/Prosjekt 0047)

2018 - Girjegumpi, A mobile library and resourcesentre for Sámi and indigenous architecture
2018 Fijfere, Vánas, Gieđgi, Public artwork commissioned by Statens Konstråd, Jokkmokk Sweden (w. Andaris Rimpi)
2017 Unruly Heritage, Designer for a touring exhibition of contemporary archaology. (w. Bjørnar Olsen and UiT)
2016 Soppen, Designer/architect for a queer perfomance festival in Ekeberg Sculpturepark, Oslo (w. FFB) (Curator:Trollkrem & Oslo Pilot)
2013- SALT, architectural design (w. Sami Rintala, Helga Marie Nordby and Erlend M. Larsen)
An initiativ for nomadic art and architecture in the north
2015- Golden àja casino & motell Performance / site-specific theatre (w. Sigbjørn Skåden & Hålogaland Theatre)
2010 - 13 The indigenuityproject, Design & Production of mobile exhibition (w. Silje F. Thoresen) Exhibited at Grenselandmuseet, Kirkenes, Centre for Northern People, Kåfjord, Saemien Sitje, Snåsa, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary art, Trondheim, IASPIS, Stockholm, L´ínstitute Suedois, Paris, and the Torpedo Factory, Washington
2010 - FFB (w. Eystein Talleraas & Håvard Arnhoff), architectural laboratory investigating public land rights through the building of temporary nomadic structures. Fantefølge og Odelsgut (Kvam) The Norwegian Roma-embassy (Oslo), Soppen (Oslo), Gravøl, (Oslo) Matatu / Meahccetrošša (at SDG Karasjok), A sketch for Rroma Utopias (Oslo Architecture triennale) etc, etc…

Relevant working experience
2017 Lead faculty w. Ursula Johnson for the rescidency programme, Inherent design at the Banff Centre for the Arts
2012-15 Guest teacher at Tromsø Academy of Fine Arts and Sámi Állaskuvla, Guovdageainnu, Norway
2013 The Cultural Rucksack, production and teaching on architecture and public space at elementary school level
2010- Teaching/Lecturing at various institutions; Smithsonian (US), ICASS VII (IS) Art gallery of Alberta, (CAN), Umeå university (SWE), KHIO (NOR), BAS (NOR), Sámi Allaskuvlá, (NOR) Tro msø Museum (NOR), NASCD (CAN), Dalhousie university (CAN), Konsthall C (SWE), BetaLocal (PR) etc… 2011 Curating/production of exhibition of young Norwegian architects, for the Architecture Festival. Employer: Norwegian Association of Architecture (NAL)
2010 Curating of Muorrajurdagat, a mobile art-exhibition for The National Museum of Design, Architecture and Art, Norway
2010- Scenography for Johtti dance company, Greenland, Norway, Oslo Norway and Guovdugeainnu, Norway
2008- 09 Research Assistant, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, NTNU, Norway
2008 Architect (Exhibition design) DuncanMcCauley Architects, Berlin, Germany
2007 Architectural Office Practice (internship): Nycum & Associates, Halifax, Canada
2007 Architectural Office Practice (internship): Enerhaugen Architectural Office, Oslo
2005-06 Project 0047, Berlin, Galleryattendant, installing/demounting shows
2003-05 Teaching assistant, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, NTNU

2019 (Upcoming) Northern Ungrowth, Oslo Architecture Triennale / E-Flux, (OAT) Norway
2017 Temporary Structures and architecture on the move, (w. Candice Hopkins), Mousse Magazine #58
2016 How Haida is your art, (w. Raymond Boisjoly) Norwegian Billedkunst 08/2015 – text / interview
2015 Works that Works #5 – magazine of unexpected creativity (NL), text / photography
2014 Works that Works #4 – magazine of unexpected creativity (NL), text / photography
2012 Doghouseculture, (photoseries) CONDITIONS #11/12 – Possible Greenland, a publication for the Danish Pavilion at The Venice Biennale 2012
2012 Den norske romambassade, Arkitektur N 04/2012
2010 The Third Space, cataloguetext, Manmade Tomorrow - Oslo Architecture Triennale
2010 The Aestethics of Necessity, Ottar - The University of Tromsø´s periodical magazine
2010 Comparing Architecture, Báiki - The International Saami Journal #32 (US)
2009 Homecoming, (Photo-series), Kuiper #3/4, 2009
2008 The Saami Building Tradition: A Complex Picture, cataloguetext, Northern Experiments: The Barents City Survey (0047 publishing)
2008 Saami Architecture, Báiki, The International Saami journal #30 (US)
2007 -10 Sámi huksendáidda: the FANzine # 1-4

Support / Residencies / Awards
2019 IASPIS residency, Stockholm Sweden
2019 1 year residency with Norwegian Craft
2018-2018 10-year working grant Cultural Council of Norway
2017 Materialstipend, Sámi Parliament and SKFV
2016 Nominated for the Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs Art-Stipend
2015-17 3-year working grant from the Cultural Council of Norway
2014 Guest Faculty for In Kind a thematic rescidency, Banff Centre for Visual Art, Canada
2014 Platform Bejing, International rescidency, (Office of Contemporary Art, Norway)
2014 1 year working grant from BKV (Visual Artist Association of Norway)
2014 Thematic rescidency, Banff Centre for Visual Art, Canada
2014 The Iver Jåks Award
2013 Artist in rescidence (w. Tanya Busse), Arkhangelsk, Russland
2013 1 year working grant from Culture Council of Norway – (Visual Arts)
2012 Nominated for the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize – 2012 (w. FFB)
2012 Nominated as “young architect of the year 2012” by Norsk Form (w. FFB)
2010-12 Workinggrants from BKV, The Culture Council of Norway and the international Sámi Council
2011 Norsk Forms travelgrant for architects
2010 Artist in Residence, Kunststoffe, Berlin, Germany
2009 Artist in Residence, Nordic Artcentre (NKD) Dale, Norway
2009 1 year working-grant from The Saami Parliament of Norway
2008 Artist in Residence, Lásságámmi, Skibotn, Norway
2008 Hanssens og Lenschows legat, from the Norwegian Architectural Association (NAL)

Cultural positions / Membership
2020-current SKFV - committee member
2018-current Advisory Board Norwegian Craft
2018-current Jurymember “ANKUN” , working grant comittee, Norwegian Culture Council
2018-2019 Member of “The National Jury” on behalf of UKS
2014-current Board member Lásságámmi foundation (on behalf of the Sami parlament of Norway)
2014-current Board member Small Projects Gallery, Tromsø, Norway
2014-16 Board leader of the artist council for the Sami centre for contemporary art in Karasjok, Norway
2009- Member of the Sámi artist union – SDS
2013- Member of the young Norwegian artists society - UKS
2011-13 Member of the Visual Arts Staff - Riddu-riddu indigenous music festival, Kåfjord, Norway
2012- Founding board member, Loftet Studio Collective, Tromsø, Norway
2010- Founding board member, Fellesskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen, Norway

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