Atelier Kunstnerforbundet artists 2024–2026

Atelier Kunstnerforbundet is proud to present the 2024-2026 Atelier-artists: Bendik Bendik, Rafiki, Sarah Kazmi, and Thora Dolven Balke!

Everyone is welcome to meet the new artists at Atelier Kunstnerforbundet on Sunday 28th of April during Oslo Open. There will be a guided tour with visual interpretation visiting Atelier Kunstnerforbundet and other artist studios in downtown Oslo.

Read more about the artists here, or read further on.

About Atelier Kunstnerforbundet

Located in Kunstnerforbundet’s premises in the centre of Oslo and based on a two-year cycle, Atelier Kunstnerforbundet is an infrastructural, collective studio programme that fosters artistic and cultural production by offering free-of-charge studios for artists in combination with a customised programme geared towards the development of their practices. Drawing from models of community-building across a variety of networks and disciplines (such as inclusive feminism, antiracism principles, safer space and collective norms guidelines), the Atelier aims to facilitate access to professional expertise, networks, and resources; foster new modes of participation, support interrelated practices of visual art, and bridge relations to cultures in a plurality of perspectives.

Atelier Kunstnerforbundet is made possible thanks to generous support by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Talent Norge.

About the artists

Bendik Bendik (b. 1996, Norway, he/him/all) lives and works in Oslo. His practice is performance-based and explorative through mediums of video, photography, and installation. Bendik’s works can be read in a context of trials and challenges within normative perceptions and gender identities. He often explores scenarios in which one is stuck, in the relationship between the body’s unused functions and exposed actions. Ongoing projects are locally anchored with a political, social, and historical engagement, as Bendik raises questions about urban development and prejudice in the perception of a place.

Bendik Bendik, “Father, This Is Our Three” (2021) Telemark kunstsenter, C-print, 70x100 cm — Photo: KUNSTDOK/Tor Simen Ulstein

Rafiki (b. 1989) is based in Oslo. Her interdisciplinary artworks find their starting point between photography and bead work, textiles, waste materials, and the use of objects imbued with memorial capacities. With a process-based practice, Rafiki’s artworks are not ‘final’, and hold healing, remembrance, and cultural analysis as central. Artistic strategies in her works often avoid Western, anthropological gazes. Incorporating symbolism, fables, and tools from visual storytelling and oral history in her pictures, she invokes themes such as forced displacement, war, racialized understandings of Blackness and femininity, and burdened colonial traditions to control place and obliterate temporality.

Rafiki, “Conversations on Identity Politics” (2020). Photograph, giclée-print, framed, 150x100 cm. — Installation photo by Jannik Abel / Høstutstillingen 2021

Sarah Kazmi (b. 1990 Pakistan, she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, living and working between Oslo (Norway) and Karachi (Pakistan). Her artistic practice moves across research and visual production, observing the relationship between food, language, and politics; often based around/with communities and local environments. In addition to visual artworks Kazmi works with writing, as her texts are often conveyed through a variety of rhythmic disciplines including sound, video, installation, and performance.

Sarah Kazmi, “Semiotics of Food” (detail, 2019) Mixed media, text, audio, drawings, photographs, 190x200 cm. Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), Norway

Thora Dolven Balke (b. 1982, Norway, she/her) lives and works in Oslo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Her practice is strongly mediated through photography and moving images, heightened by their sculptural installation, often alongside sound and objects made of materials such as silicone and resin. Dolven Balke’s work is socially engaged and at times collaborative and curatorial. Among other projects, she co-curated the Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) in 2011 and was one of the founders of the artist-run space REKORD (Oslo, 2006-2010). In the past years, she initiated the Agder Art Academy, a collective work of public art produced by KORO (Public Art Norway) in the form of a three-year education programme developed and run by artists for inmates in the maximum-security prison at Agder Prison.

Thora Dolven Balke, “O (orange)” (2019). Epoxy resin and pigment, 30x23x20 cm. — Photo: Cavalo, Rio de Janeiro

Here is a map showing the location of the Atelier Kunstnerforbundet, in Kjeld Stubs gate 3 with the entrance to the right of the Kunstnerforbundet.

Please note that Atelier Kunstnerforbundet is on the 3rd and 4th floor, and regrettably not accessible for people with limited mobility. A long-term rehabilitation of the building is in process. Please get in touch if you have any questions about accessibility.

Please find more info about visiting Kunstnerforbundet (in Norwegian).

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