Jo Broughton

Christmas November 07 (2007) — Jo Broughton
G-I Jane Set (2004) — Jo Broughton
Egg Shell Pink Set (2004) — Jo Broughton
Ice Cave Set (2002) — Jo Broughton
Christmas November 07 (2007) — Jo Broughton
Empty Porn Sets (2008) — Jo Broughton
Nurses Set (2002) — Jo Broughton
Pink Satin Sheets (2006) — Jo Broughton
Happy Birthday Set (2006) — Jo Broughton
Pink Chair Set (2007) — Jo Broughton
Balloon Set (2005) — Jo Broughton

Broughton’s mission is photographer as recorder; her skill is the ability to present tangible evidence of the emotional within human experience.

In Empty Porn Sets, by recording the space left behind after the human activity, the work makes a strong statement against a voyeuristic or judgemental look at the processes of making porn, withdrawing from any moral discourse. Instead, the emptiness has the effect of mainlining emotional reverb into the space.

These calm expositions are like the people Broughton works with – quiet, possibly vulnerable, but with a steely individuality, such as her series Virgins, respondees to an advert in Time Out magazine. The uncannily common gaze shared by the women says they are apprehensive about being declared, and would rather be left to blossom in their private worlds, but revealed by Broughton their conviction is the magic she brings out.

”Generously curious, unjudgingly celebratory, confidently uncertain, Jo Broughton’s photographs…remind me of the letter by Chekhov in which he said that it is sometimes much better to ask the right questions than to have the right answers. “
Simon Watney

Goodwin Credit

MA Fine Art Photography, Royal College of Art, 2000-2002
BA (Hons) First Class. Editorial, Fashion and Advertising Photography, Kent Institute of Art and Design, 1996 - 1999.

September 2007; Chosen by “Against all Odds” to shoot for the book ‘Uk at home’ book along side fifty other English documentary photographers. Book to be published February 2008. Documentry filmed along side project aired in Febraury 2008.
June 2006: Published new work from a series titled ‘Goodwin Bank’ in the book New Art from London by Chris Townsend (Thames& Hudson). On sale now. Images will also be part of the associated touring show
Punk; A Directory of modern subversive culture, published 1st July 2007,

2005: Subject of a BBC Four documentary:
“As part of A Picture of Britain, Jo Broughton and other top photographers join Tom Ang, to chronicle Britain’s urban, rural and industrial regions using the latest digital photographic technology.”

September 2006: Invited onto a two year programme by Four Corners Centre for Film and Photography as artist in residence, London (East)

“My Ex-Boyfriends’ Girlfriends”. Curated by Antonio Geusa at ‘Fine Arts Enterprise M’ars’, Contemporary Art Centre, Russia.
Bunny in Head Lights, installation piece at The Ragged School, London
Me, Myself and Them, Virgins and My Ex-Boyfriends’ Girlfriends at Tom Blau Gallery, London

January 2008, Exhibiting at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg, Titled ‘Puberty’ with the installation ‘Virgins Wanted’ . 15th January – 12th May 2008.
November 2007
Exhibited at ‘Four Corners gallery, titled ‘No Ball games’ with the ’ Installation of ‘Empty Porn Sets’ projection of images and sound. November 1st –December 15 2007.
July 2007
Punk; A directory of modern subversive culture;
The Ada Street Gallery, Hackney, London touring onto Galerie Lecocon, Hamburg, Germany
Dates and times
12th-25th July 2007 - Private view of the show in London
3rd –18th August 2007 – Music Event at the Rota Flora, Hamburg, Germany
September: Group exhibition Renée Vara project, ( Vara Global Fine Arts LLC), Photo New York, showing My Ex-Boyfriends Girlfriends, Empty Porn sets and Pete Doherty series.
March-April: Exhibiting in group show, with the work Empty Porn Sets and Bunny in Head Lights at the Start Contemporary Gallery, Brighton, UK
9th November 2005-Febuary 12th 2006: Exhibiting a portrait of musician Pete Doherty as part of the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery, London
The series Empty Porn Sets including an installation of sound and images for Photoworks, curated by Gordon MacDonald, at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, UK
My Family Album in book form with Eshoda Arts at ‘The Home Ideal Show’, Hotbath Gallery, Bath, UK
Curated & exhibited in ‘After Hours’, part of the Hidden Art of Hackney
Festival, London
My Ex-Boyfriends’ Girlfriends included in ‘Bootleg Identity’, Caren Golden Gallery, New York
Virgins, final year show, The Royal College of Art, London
Empty Porn Sets, installation of sound and images exhibited in the show ‘Meantime’, at The Upper Gulbenkian, the Royal College of Art, London
My Ex-Boyfriends’ Girlfriends and Me and Women Alike, Arte Viva Festiva Europeo, Sengalia, Italy
Also, produced Sister Celeste for the workshops held for the duration of the festival and final exhibition
My Ex-Boyfriend’s Girlfriends at The Royal College of Art Interim show, London
Real Women and Me and Women Alike touring group show, from A.k.A, London to St Johns Restaurant, London
My Family Album as part of Brick’s Presents dual show with the artist Angie Hicks at the Distillery Gallery, Hoxton, London
Me and Women Alike in ‘Sync’, Atlantis gallery, Brick Lane, London
Nominations and Awards
July: ‘Empty Porn Sets’ entered into the Creative Review’s 2006 Photography Annual which reviews the best new photography in the last twelve months. Issue published October 2006
Chosen to exhibit a portrait of musician Pete Doherty as part of the Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery
Short listed at Photo Espania Descubrimientos 04, with My Ex-Boyfriends’ Girlfriends on a plasma Screen in Santa Ana Plaza, Spain
Nominated for the Olympus Up-coming Photographers Award, UK
Short listed for St James Home Photography Prize with Empty Porn Sets exhibited at Flowers East Gallery, London
Short listed & exhibited with My Ex-Boyfriend’s Girlfriends for the ‘Red Mansion Spero Prize’, the London Institute Gallery, London
Winner of the Helen Chadwick Award
Winner of the A.O.P Assistant Award with the series Me and Women Alike
Nominated for City Bank Art Prize

To view a selection including Marie Claire, The Observer Life magazine, The Independent review, Sunday Times Magazine, Flipside Design, February London, and Future City Arts, and Colm Roche Design

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