Jerry Kapungwe Miko

Golden Souns from Rotting Treasures (206) — Jerry Kapungwe Miko
Golden Souns from Rotting Treasures (206) — Jerry Kapungwe Miko
Golden Sounds from Rotting Treasures (2006) — Jerry Kapungwe Miko

Født i 1961 Lusaka, Zambia

B.A. from National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo Norway,Oslo National College of the Arts. 2001-05
Private Tutorials: in ceramics and sculpture, Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka 1996-97
Sculpture Apprenticeship: by Martin Phiri, Senior Art Lecturer and former heard of department, Evelyn Hone College 1992-95
Grade Twelve Certificate, Kalulushi Secondary School 1985-86
Grade Ten GSSL Certificate, Kalulushi Secondary School 1982-84
Grade Seven Certificate, Chibuluma Primary School 1975-81

To participate in the yearly art exhibition -Kunstnerforbundet AS (Juniutstillingen) Oslo, Norway 2006
Francofone week art Exhibition, Aliance Frances, Lusaka Zambia 2006
Graduation Art Exhibition, Stenersen Museum, Oslo Norway. 2005
Art Festival in Bochum—-Germany 2004
Solo Exhibition at Kunstakuten—Stockholm—Sweden 2001
Photography Exhibition, Lusaka, Zambia 2000
Come and See, Gossner Mission, Lusaka, Zambia 2000
Germany Expo 2000, Hanover, Germany 2000
Drawing as independent Media of Art 1999
Advanced Sculpture Exhibition: Chipata, Eastern Province, Zambia 1999
European Union Celebrations Art Exhibition, EU-office Lusaka, Zambia 1999
African Sculptures, Netherlands Embassy residence, Lusaka, Zambia 1999
Zambian Contemporary Art, Access Financial Service Office, Lusaka, Zambia 1998
Women and Children & Woman in Media, Fredrich Ebert Stiftung, Lusaka, Zambia 1997-99
6th Annual Art Exhibition, Zambian Italian Cultural Centre, Lusaka, Zambia 1996
Betty Wilkingson: Zambian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lusaka, Zambia 1995
Mbile International Artists Workshop and Exhibition, Meridien BIAO, Lusaka, Zambia 1994
Mobile art Endowment Exhibition, Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia 1993
National Annual Exhibition, Visual Arts Council, Henry Tayali Centre, Lusaka, Zambia 1993 –99
American and Canadian Women’s Club Art Exhibition, Hotel Intercontinental, Lusaka, Zambia 1993
Christian Images Art Workshop & Exhibition, Henry Tayali Centre, Lusaka, Zambia 1992
Cheshire Homes, Charity found raising exhibition, Ndeke Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia 1991
Professional Hunters Association Art Exhibition, Lusaka, Zambia 1990

Insaka International Artists workshop in Chaminuka, Lusaka Zambia 2005
Art and Music Festival in Bochum, Germany. 2004
The Boltic Sea 6th Sculpture workshop in Kelokoski, Finland 2003
Paper sculpture Symposium, Gavle, Sweden 2001
Artist in residence, Kunstakuten, Stokholm, Sweden 2001
Residence Gaffel studios Gavle Sweden. 2001
Photography workshop: Lusaka, Zambia 2000
Advanced sculpture workshop, Chipata eastern province of Zambia 1999
Drawing as an independent language: Lusaka, Zambia 1999
Kankoyo community Art workshop, Mufulira copper belt province Zambia 1998
Assemblage sculpture workshop, Ndola copper belt province of Zambia 1997
Assemblage sculpture workshop Lusaka Zambia 1996
Visual arts workshop, Chipata Eastern province of Zambia 1995
Mbile International workshop, Siavonga –Zambia 1994
Christian images workshop, Lusaka Zambia 1992-95

Norwegian National Arts collection ( Norsk kulturråd ) Oslo
The Zambian Embassy in Sweden.
The Gaffel studios Art collections
Citi Bank Art collection, Lusaka Zambia
Ndeke and Garden Hotels, Lusaka Zambia
Swedish Embassy Lusaka Zambia
Andrews Motel Lusaka Zambia
Inter Africa, Lusaka Zambia
Barclays Bank, Kalulushi Zambia
Africa Credit Bank Lusaka Zambia
Caffe De Afrique Lusaka Zambia

Germany, Norway. Sweden, Finland, Zambia, Netherlands, Kenya, Belgium, Italy, United States of America, South Africa, United Kingdom. Tanzania, Australia, India, Denmark, France.

South African Embassy in Oslo Norway. 2004
Art From Asia, a wall drawing, using chocolate, commissioned by Dustore, Oslo Norway. 2003
Interial Decorations, Nigerian Embassy, Lusaka Zambia. 2001
Caffe de Afrique Life size Metal sculpture, Lusaka Zambia 2000
Gossner Mission, Stone flour mural, Lusaka Zambia 2000
Sub contracted for stone Mural in Hamar, Norway 1999
Life size stone sculpture, Lusaka Zambia 1998
Interial decorations Deal Restaurant Lusaka Zambia 1997 .
Sub contracted for various Murals in Chapels and seminary colleges, Lusaka Zambia. 1992-97

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