Handsome Ali (2015) — Fadlabi
Oversiktsbilde fra utstillingen (2015) — Fadlabi
The Sailor (2015) — Fadlabi
Barber Chart (2014) — Fadlabi
Ayoub (2015) — Fadlabi
The Winner (2015) — Fadlabi
On the Edge II (2013) — Fadlabi
The King and the Queen (2015) — Fadlabi
Omar (2013) — Fadlabi
Handsome Ali (2015) — Fadlabi
Oversiktsbilde fra utstillingen (2015) — Fadlabi
Oversiktsbilde fra utstillingen (2015) — Fadlabi

Mohamed Ali Fadlabi
2010-2012 Master of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
2007-2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway
1995-1999 Bachelor of Political Science, Elnaileen University, Sudan
1995-1997 Diploma of painting, Sudan University, Sudan

The Positive Void, NY Art Book Fair, New York USA
Chart art talks with ArtReview, Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen Denmark
Reports from the Academy, Köln Germany
Sudan for beginners, Nile Sunset Annex, Cairo Egypt
The Positive Void, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo Norway
Kongo Landsbyen, Frogner parken, Oslo Norway
Fide, Small Projects, Tromsø Norway
Forensics of Attraction, Bergen Assembly, Bergen Norway Bergen
The Prediction Machine, Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah United Arab Emirates
The Prediction Machine, Kunstplass, Oslo Norway
E A Ltd International Conference, Oslo Militære Samfunn, Oslo, Norway
Group show, Stolper + Friends, Oslo Norway
I Wish This Was A Song, Music in Contemporary Art, Museet for samtidskunst Oslo Norway
I always wanted to be a musician III, Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo Norway
20 MA Exhibitions, KHIO, Oslo Norway
Sparebankstiftelsen DnB NOR stipendutstilling, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo Norway
Et stort portrett av mamma, Utviklingshuset, Oslo Norway
Witchcraft for beginners, Semikolon, Oslo Norway
Music for airports, Podium, Oslo Norway
Figurasjoner, Galleri A, Oslo Norway
Uncanny, Sound of mu, Oslo Norway
Another Music, Kunsthall, Oslo Norway
“In The Minds I” with Warren Neidech, performance, UKS, Oslo Norway
I always Wanted To Be A Musician I, Blå, Oslo Norway
ONO vs UKS, UKS, Oslo Norway
Gago at Hove, Hove Festival, Arendal Norway
Bachelors at large, The National museum, Oslo Norway
A tragicomedy in two acts, Gallery 21:24, Oslo Norway
For my lover, for my lover, ONE NIGHT ONLY, Oslo Norway
Med håpet som våpen, Oslo Rådhus Galleriet, Oslo Norway
You know these days are painted by umberllas, Museet for samtidskunst, Oslo Norway
CIMA NORMA, Dangio, Switzerland
Bohemian Consumer, GAGO, Oslo Norway
Space-Men In Pain, BLÅ GALLERY, Oslo Norway
Pantings, Lava Cultural House, Stockholm Sweden
The Good Old Days, ONE NIGHT ONLY, Oslo Norway
Litteratur huset, Oslo Norway
Monde moderne, monde civilise, Roubaix France
Elektronisk lydverksted om Olle Bærtling, The National Museum, Norway
Sana Africa, Horizon Gallery, Oslo Norway
Kunst Station Museum, Kliensassen, Germany
ASYLUM, Galleri A minor, Oslo Norway
Maria is not following the drums, Galleri H11, Oslo Norway
CIMA NORMA, Dangio, Switzerland
Just for asylum seekers, Løren Asylmottak, Oslo Norway
Language Of Colors, Alfter, Bonn Germany
All About Omar, Hilton Hotel, Khartoum Sudan
The man I draw when I try to draw my father, The Sudanese Studies Centre, Khartoum Sudan
HORSES, Grand Hotel, Khartoum Sudan
Three Little Birds, The French Cultural Centre, Khartoum Sudan
Sudan National Museum, Khartoum Sudan
About Blue, Goethe Institute, Khartoum Sudan

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