Pierre Lionel Matte

Pierre Lionel Matte, Juleutstillingen 2020Pierre Lionel Matte
Pierre Lionel Matte, Juleutstillingen 2020 () — Pierre Lionel Matte
Alis pass (2016) — Pierre Lionel Matte
Oversiktsbilde fra utstillingen (2018) — Pierre Lionel Matte
Ali’s Dictionary (2016) — Pierre Lionel Matte

Born 1961 in Tønsberg, Norway.

Education Studies in Poland, Chile, Bolivia 1993-94
The Art-academy in Trondheim, Norway 1987-1992
Einar Granum Artschool, Oslo 1982-84

Solo shows
2018; Kunstnerforbundet/The Artist Society, Oslo
2012; IKM/OM ( Intercultural Museum) Oslo
2009: European Rorschach test part II, Kunstbanken, Hamar
2008/2009: Artist in Residence at the Valdres Folk-Museum,Fagernes; video soundwork and open air photoproject.(Museale Forstyrrelser)
2008; Tromsø Art Society, Tromsø
2008; Valdres Open Air Folk Museum, Fagernes
2007; TSSK, Trøndelag Centre for Contempory Art, Trondheim
2007; European Rorschach Test part I, Oslo Art Society, Oslo
2004; ”Master”, Gallery By the Way, Bergen
2003; Bodø Art Society, Bodø
2002; Rogaland Art Centre, Stavanger
2001; Gallery Ask, Åsgårdsstrand
2000; Chapelle St.Jaques, St. Gaudens, France, together with Andrea Lange
1999; Battlefield; South-Norwegian Artist Centre, Kristiansand
1999; Arendal Art Society, Arendal
1998; Battlefield; Trøndelag Artist Centre, Trondheim
1997; Porsgrunn Art Society
1996; Contempory Memory, Galler Struts, with Victor Lind. Curated by Andre Lange
1996 Slowly their faces disappear, Young Artist Society, Oslo
1993; Trøndelag Art Museum, Trondheim

Group Shows
2020; Styrlause Prosessar, Kabuso, Øystese; tegning, maleri, film
2019; Tegnetriennalen/t´The Drawing Triennale 2019, Oslo
2019: Greenlight District Art Festival, Skien Porsgrunn
2017; The National Automne Exhibition
2017; TOYS, Gruppeutstilling, Villa Alemana, Chile
2014; Bærum Kunsthall; Gruppeutstilling
2014; The National Automne Exhibition
2014: Trafo, Asker; Group-show
2014; 1814 Revisited. Eidsvoll Verk
2013; NOoSphere Art Gallery, Group-show, New York
2013; AMNESIA; Haugar, Vestfold Kunstmuseum.Tønsberg
2012; The National Automne Exhibition; participant in Beit Aza; Performance
2012; PRISME, The National Museum´s Drawing Exhibition
2012; Oslo Screenfestival
2011; The Sculpture biennale 2011
2010; Participation in Guttorm Guttormsgaards exhibition Arkiv, Bomuldsfabrikken
2009: Pierre le Ménétrier. Videoscreening at RiddoDuottarMuseat ( The Sami Cultural Museum),Karasjok:
2008; Traveling group-show, Akershus Artist Center.
2008; Xenophobia Redux, Wien. Kuratert av Anne Britt rage
2007: The National Automne Exhibition
2006; Akershus Kunstnersenter Jubilee Exhibition
2006; Public Diplomacy, UKS (Young artist society ); curated by Eivind Slettemeås
2006; Fantastic Politics. Art in time of turbulence. The National Museum of Art, architecture and design. Curated by Andrea Krogsnes 2006; Fotogalleriet. Artist books
2005: UNIZONE. Curated by the Norwegian and Swedish Touring Exhibitions
2005; The National Automne Exhibition
2004; Østlandsutstillingen part I, II
2003: Point of View, Akershus Art-centre. Curated by Samir M´kadmi
2003: Somewhere else, Venize, Italy. Curated by Tor Andreas Gitlesen
2002; Refuge/Tilflukt. Henie Onstad Artcentre, Bærum.Curated by Gavin Jantjes
2002; The Drawing – biennale Gallery F 15
2001: Milano Europa 2000, Milano, Italy. Curated by Gavin Jantjes Transart, Groupshow, Trondheim
2000: Oslo 1000 years celebration. Group show, Oslo Kunstforening.
1999; Someday something unexpected may happen, at the Polish Sculpture Center, Oronzko, Poland
1999: The National Automne Exhibition
1999; The Sculpture Biennale 1999. At The Stenersen Museum. Curated by Lars Nittve
1999; Social Comitted Art”, an Exhibition connected to the 100 years Jubilee of the Workers Union, Norway. Stenersen Museum
1998; The National Automne Exhibition
1997; Shelter , an international group show connected to The Millenium Jubilee of the City of Trondheim
1997; Screens, a international group-show about art and new technology, Trondheim
1997; Østlandsutstillingen 1996; The National Automne Exhibition 1996; Østlandsutstillingen ( East Norway Regional Exhibition)
1996; Vårutstillingen, Vestfold Arrtist center, Haugar, Tønsberg
1995; ad HOK, Høvikodden Art-center; Bærum; sound-installation
1995; The Spring-exhibition. A Group-show at The Young Artists Society Gallery, Oslo
1995; Østlandsutstillingen ( East Norway Regional Exhibition)
1994: Backyard Memories a sitespecific project in Oslo Old Town, as part of the PIG-project ( Project In Old Town)
1993; Momento Mori, Trondheim Art-Museum
1992; The National Automne Exhibition
1990; The National Automne Exhibition
1988; Trøndelagutstillingen

Public Commisions
2001; Public Commision project for Groruddalen School, Oslo 2001; Commisioned projects/illustrations for books and publications
2013; Text-project for Vector, artist journal, New York
2011; Picasso/Nesjar updated. Art-project for SNU, a climate-change related anthology published by Cappelan Damm publishing house. Edited by Åsne Seierstad, Aleksander Melli, Simen Ekern, Nora Ceciliedat ter Nerdrum. 2010; Illustrations for the book Society, by socialanthropolog Thomas Hylland Eriksen, University of Oslo.
2002; Art-project for the book Fortress Europe – NO! published by Anne Britt Rage, Espai 22, Barcelona, Spain.
2001; ”Red flag”, project for the 60 years anniversary web-site for artist Victor Lind.
2000; ”The populist”, comic story , published in UKS Forum for contemporary art.
1986: Illustrations for the book Anvendt Kunstanatomi, written by Einar Granum, published by Aschehoug Forlag
1984-87; Illustrations and posters for illegal newpapers in Chile and El Salvador (Radio Farabundo Marti) Collaborations
2006: Art-crossword. A project with Ketil Nergaard for the artist book Manual
1998; A public poster-project about racism with artist Juan Brito Vargas for the exhibition Muhammad Cheref missing. Gallery GUN, Oslo.
1997; “The Millenium - City”, a calendar, poster and computer-based game-work for the 1997 Millenium Jubilee in Trondheim. Collaboration with artist Ketil Nergaard. (programming; HC Gil je ) 1996; “Signed - Sealed - Sold “. Project for a supermarket with the artist group TAF . The International Artistcenter Poznan, and Gallery TAK, Sczeczin, Poland.
1996; “Schengen - access to the world”. A public space billboard - project with artist Ketil Nergaard
1995; “ad HOK”, Høvikodden Art-center; Bærum, collaborative projects with writer and poet Gro Dahle.

2013: Videoscreening at Oslo Central Station
2013; Videoscreening at the Norwegian Arts Council Conference, Bergen
2010: Videoscreening at the ABM ( archives-libraries-museums)-conference Oslo. 2010: Pierre le Ménetrier. Video. Valdres Open air Folk Musuem,Fagernes
2009: Videoscreenng and presentation at the KAFF-conference (nordic conference for Culture Heritage ), Lillehammer.
2009: Videoscreening and presentation at Institute for culture studies and oriental languages, University of Oslo
2009: Pierre le Ménetrier. Valdres Open air Folk Musuem,Fagernes
2004: Videoscreening and presentation at Norwegian Conference of Globalisation, Oslo
2003; Boom! Evil is gone. Video screening at Landmark; Bergen Art Hall

Teaching and lectures
Teaching and lectures at Einar Granum Artschool from 1985; human anatomy and drawing, gestalt theory and composition, 20 th century Avantgarde Art and culture.
The School of Graphic Design 1990-2001; classes in basic drawing, painting and comic book-projects.
Westerdal School of Communication from 2001; 20 th century avantgardeart/design
Lecturer in the history of Avantgarde Art and experimental cinema at Nordland Art and Film School from 2000
Lecturer in Art History at Nansenskole, Lillehammer since 2006
Lecturer in the history of avantgarde Art and experimental cinema at Oslo Fotokunst Skole.
Series of Lectures at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo; avantgarde art and sound.
Series of Lectures on Contemporary Art at Philosophical Project Center, Oslo.
From 1994 to today: Lectures on 1970 Art and Feminism at art academies in Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo
Series of Lectures at the seminar “New feminist traits 90s”, Rogaland Art Center 1999
Lectures on Polish Contempory Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, and Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer.
Prosjektskolen, Oslo; lecture Modernism in Latin-America
Oslo Kunstforening; Series of lectures on 20th century art.
Bærum Kunstforening; Series of lectures on 20th century avantgarde Art.
Akserhus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm; series of lecturers in modernism and contemporary art

Since 2006; Annual guaranteed income from the Norwegian State
2007: Norwegian Culture Council, project - support
2005; Vederlagsfondet, project support
2001-2003; 3 year Annual artist’s scholarship, State of Norway
2002; Norwegian Culture Council, project - support
2000; Vederlagsfondet, project support
1999; The Norwegian State, travel grant
1998; Vederlagsfondet, project support
1997; Vederlagsfondet, project support
1995; Norwegian Culture Council, project - support
1993; The Norwegian Culture – Fund, exhibition – grant

Public Collections 2013 Gardermoen VIP terminal
2012 The National Museum
2010 The National Museum
2005 Norwegian Culture Council
2001 Oslo Municipality
1999 Kunst på arbeidsplassen
1998 Norwegian Culture Council
1998 Trondheim Municipality
1992 Norwegian Culture Council

Other art-related activity
Member of the Jury, National Automne Exhibition 2008
Member of the board, Oslo Art Association 2002-2008
Member of Resource-group for IKM ( InterCulturalMuseum)Oslo,since 2005


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