Marius Engh

Installasjonsbilde `Bohemia (in the Gesture of Swimming or Praying) (2020) — Marius Engh
Emblemata (1-24) (2020) — Marius Engh
Emblemata (1-24) (2020) — Marius Engh
Emblemata (1-24) (2020) — Marius Engh
Emblemata (1-24) (2020) — Marius Engh
Installasjonsbilde `Bohemia (in the Gesture of Swimming or Praying) (2020) — Marius Engh
Installasjonsbilde `Bohemia (in the Gesture of Swimming or Praying) (2020) — Marius Engh
Le Tripode (Reduction) (2020) — Marius Engh
Portrait du Mme A.J. (2020) — Marius Engh
Reliquaire (Time Machine) II (2019) — Marius Engh
Merci (2020) — Marius Engh
Exhume To Consume.    Hermes (2009) — Marius Engh
Holiday In Bosnia (2009) — Marius Engh
Peace Trails (Tent) (2009) — Marius Engh
Europe (2009) — Marius Engh

Født i Oslo, 1974. Bor og arbeider i Berlin, Tyskland.

1996–2000 The National Academy of Fine Arts,
Oslo, Norway

1999–2000 The Royal Danish Art Academy,
Copenhagen, Denmark

2000–2001 The National Academy of Fine Arts,
Master studio, Oslo, Norway

1994–1996 Strykejernet Art School, Oslo, Norway

2006 OCA Office for Contemporary Art
Norway/Platform Garanti Residency
Program Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Milwaukee International Residency
Program, Milwaukee, WI, Usa

2005 The National Academy of Fine Arts,
Oslo, Norway – Arcueil, Paris, France

2009 Exhume to Consume,
Supportico Lopez, Berlin

Center of the World, Preus Museum,
Horten, Norway
(curator: Jonas Ekeberg)

Toe Pincher, Snowball Editions,
Oslo, Norway

2008 Lycanthropic Chamber, Standa rd
(Oslo ), Oslo, Norway

2006 All Items Must Fit In Basket,
Standa rd (Oslo ), Oslo, Norway

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Green
Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, Usa
(with Ida Ekblad)

2005 No Comply, Richard and Dolly Maass
Gallery, State University of New York,
Purchase College, New York City, NY,
Usa (curator: Paul Brewer)

B-Sides, Projekt 0047,
Berlin, Germany

Cum Taedio In Infinitum, Q, The Royal
Danish Academy of Art, Copenhagen,
(with Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen)

2003 Free Drinks, Fotogalleriet,
Oslo, Norway

1999 Notes From The Underground, Galleri
21:25, Oslo, Norway
(with Gardar Eide Einarsson)

2009 Six Degrees of Separation,
Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin, Germany

Two in One, Witte de With Center of
Contemporary Art and
De Appel, Christie´s,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Gjengangere, Bastard, Oslo
Survival Kit, Latvian Centre for
Contemporary Art (LCCA), Riga, Latvia
(curator: Solvita Krese)

2008 Show Me, Don’t Tell Me, Brussels
Biennial 1, Brussels, Belgium (curators:
Nicolaus Schafhausen and Florian

Horror Vacui, Layr Wuestenhagen
Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

We Have Never Met Before, But It´s
WIith Great Anticipation of Your
Understanding That I´m Writing You
And I Hope You Will In Good Faith
Give A Deep Consideration To My
Proposal Below, Standa rd (Oslo ),
Oslo, Norway (curators: Mikkel E
Astrup and Eivind Furnesvik)

Frieze Art Fair, Standa rd (Oslo ),
London, UK

When You Carry A Hammer A Lot
Of Things Look Like Nails, Skalitzer
Strasse 64, Berlin, Germany

Figureheads, Torpedo Bokhandel/The
White Tube, Oslo, Norway

Hydro Corporate Collection, Henie
Onstad Art Centre, Høvik, Norway

Nerhagen Skogsfestival, Vang, Norway

Nationalmuseum, Nationalmuseum
Berlin, Schönleinstr. 6,
Berlin, Germany
(curator: Lars Monrad Vaage)

Master of Puppets, Planka, Oslo,
Norway (with Sverre Gullesen)

2007 Frieze Art Fair, Standa rd (Oslo ),
London, UK

Tempo Skien, Public Art Project,
Skien, Norway

Robert Smithson, Fotogalleriet, Oslo,
Norway (curators: Lina Viste Grønli
and Anders Smebye)

Routines of Resistance, Standa rd
(Oslo ), Oslo, Norway
(curator: Eivind Furnesvik)

Unknown Unknowns, NordJyllands
Kunstmuseum, Aalborg, Denmark
(curator: Tarje Gullaksen)

Future Primitive, UKS, Oslo, Norway
(curator: Helga Marie Nordby)

Skate Culture, Bildmuseet, Umeå,
Sweden (curators: Jonas Ekeberg and
Gardar Eide Einarsson)

Paris Was Yesterday, La Vitrine, Paris,
France (curator: Hanne Mugaas)

Dislocations (Don’t Try Popping
Them Back Into Place), ARCO –
Special Projects Section/Standa rd
(Oslo ), Madrid, Spain (curator: Chus
Martinez, with Gardar Eide EInarsson
and Matias Faldbakken)

2006 NADA, Standa rd (Oslo ), Miami, FL,

Milwaukee International, Willy Wonka
Inc., Milwaukee, WI, Usa

Dice Thrown (Will Never Annul
Chance), Bellwether Gallery, New York

City, NY, Usa (curator: Joao Ribas)
White Stains, Standa rd (Oslo )/
Extra City, Antwerpen, Belgium

Skate Culture, Bergen Kunsthall,
Bergen, Norway (curators: Jonas
Ekeberg and Gardar Eide Einarsson)

Street: Behind The Cliché, Witte
de With Contemporary Art Center,
Rotterdam, the Netherlands (curators:
Nicolaus Schafhausen and
Renske Janssen)

Bokaktig, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial,
The Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway
(curator: Cecilia Widernheim)

There Are Two Paths, Torpedo
Kunstbokhandel, Oslo, Norway
(curators: Ida Ekblad and Hanne

Giving the People What They Want,
Glassbox, Paris, France (curator:
Hanne Mugaas)

Several Ways Out, UKS Gallery, Oslo,
Norway (curator: Craig Buckley)

Skate Culture, Preus Museum, Horten,
Norway (curators: Jonas Ekeberg and
Gardar Eide Einarsson)

50/50, AK 28, Stockholm, Sweden

Villa Jelmini – The Complex of
Respect, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern,
Switzerland (curator: Philippe Pirotte)

2005 Blankness Is Not A Void, Standa rd
(Oslo ), Oslo, Norway
(curator: Gardar Eide Einarsson)

Gardar Eide Einarsson/Marius Engh/
Matias Faldbakken, Standa rd
(Oslo )/Liste 05, Standa rd (Oslo ),
Basel, Switzerland

2004 Salon 100 – Works on Paper,
Heimdalsgaten 4, Oslo, Norway
(temporary exhibition space)

Standard Escape Routes, ISCP, New
York City, NY, Usa
(curator: Eivind Furnesvik)

Pilot 1 – International Art Forum,
Limehouse Town Hall, London, UK

Rank Xerox, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen,
Norway (project by Gardar Eide.
Einarsson and Matias Faldbakken)

10 Years After, Bomuldsfabriken
Kunsthall, Arendal, Norway,
(with Anders Smebye)

Shugacube, Vincent Lunges Institutt,
No. 9 – Visningssted for Samtidskunst,
Oslo, Norway

Vækerø Sculpture Garden, Public Art
Project, Oslo, Norway

Listepop, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway

Liste 04, under the auspicy of
Fotogalleriet, Basel, Switzerland

2003 Institiution2, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
(curator: Jens Hoffmann)

Rathaus, Oslo Open, Atelier C,
City Hall, Oslo, Norway

Merry-Go-Round, Video program,
Oslo Open, Oslo, Norway

2002 Museum of Installation, London, UK

Bjørvika 17. august, Skur 55, Bjørvika,
Subcomandante, Oslo, Norway

Brøl, Zoo Copenhagen,
Frederiksberg, Denmark

UKS Forum 2/3/4, Architecture

2001 UKS biennalen 2001,
Seilduksfabrikken, Oslo, Norway

Fane, Galleri Elbowroom,
Gothenburg, Sweden

Måske, Norbergfestivalen,
Norberg, Sweden

Heavy Backstage, Ballongmagasinet
2000 Postprofessionalism, VCA,
Melbourne, Australia

Presenting the piece/Her er værket!,
Otto, Galleri Rhizom, Århus, Denmark

Cantine del Borgo II,
Underhaugsveien, Oslo, Norway

Graduation Show, The National
Academy of Fine Arts, The Stenersen
Museum, Oslo, Norway

Bergen Museum For Samtidskunst,
Bergen, Norway

Forrett, Statens kunstakademi,
Seilduksfabrikken, Oslo, Norway

1999 Weisse Zwerge und Grosse Riesen,
Galleri Neu Deli, Bauhaus Universität,
Weimar, Germany

Cantine del Borgo, Galleri 21:25, SKA,
Oslo, Norway

Vibrations, Rogaland Contemporary
Art Center, Stavanger, Norway

1998 Die Faster Recordings, Quicksilver
Gallery, Middelsex School of Art,
London, UK

Heavy Backstage – Live In Bergen,
Bergen Museum For Samtidskunst,
Bergen, Norway

The Great Rock’n’Roll Battle (The Best
Of Frode Fivel), Heavy Backstage,
Galleri 21:25, Oslo, Norway

Heavy Backstage, Telemark University
College, Bø, Telemark, Norway

Annekset, Galleri 21:25, Oslo, Norway
(with Daniel Jensen)

1997 Heavy Backstage, Annekset, the
National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo,
Norway (with Daniel Jensen)

Punkpartyperformance, Galleri 21:25,
Oslo, Norway

2008 Co-curator of the exhibition When
You Carry A Hammer A Lot Of Things

Look Like Nails, in Skalitzer Strasse
64, Berlin, with Marco Bruzzone

2005–2006 Co-founder and -curator of the gallery
Bastard in Oslo, Norway,
with Anders Smebye

2004 Curator of the public art project
Vækerø Sculpture Garden,
Oslo, Norway

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